Monday, September 15, 2014

90 DAY •• Day Fifteen

Yup, I missed a few.

I got my period, ate cookies and sulked about being fat. I knew it was counter productive, but YOU try arguing with a hormonal beast! 

So I gained... Obviously. I know why and how, but it's still disappointing (and motivating... Sort of).

I said I would do this. I WILL do this. I will workout EVERY day this week. (I wish I believed me).

Week 3, Day 1 is done. It was great. I found it challenging... enough that I didn't do a double, which I considered before starting today.

My inner thighs are burning, but in the best way.

I will survive 90 days. I will lose 15lbs.



I always have an after workout sweet, tonight was apple sauce with a dragon spoon. What's your post workout routine?

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