Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Because Lulu said so...

I put a lot of faith in my Lululemon persona. I completely buy in to the lifestyle (or wish I fit into the lifestyle and the new smaller sizes). And sometimes Lulu motivates me more than they realize. I have the reusable bags all over the place and proudly carry them as my purse and/or luggage.

I have the below bag hanging on the bathroom door... its full of makeup from the last time I needed to bring makeup with me (and the reason why I haven't worked out in a week. Eeeek). When I am getting ready in the AM this bag seems to have all the answers... 

Recently Richard and I have been doing the 'My-God-Kids-Are-Expensive-But-We-Want-More' Tango... His concern has always been the cost, not in a materialistic way, but in the 'I-want-to-give-my-kids-everything' way. I keep saying I am happy being poor as long as I have the family I have always dreamed of, which includes more little people. And then this... 

... because people are more important than money. I knew it! (Let's hope Richard always sees this bag when he visits the loo).

I am also in the process of making some huge life choices and fighting a struggle to decide. I have let this keep me away from my workout for varying reasons... from wanting to keep my hair fresh, to late night meetings, interviews, viewings and paperwork. Then I saw this... and now I am craving my 'daily hit of athletic-induced endorphins'. 

Thank you Lulu for bringing clarity to my life. 

And this lucky girl still has a Lulu GC to use up. 


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