Friday, September 26, 2014

90 Day •• Day 25

I worked out on the Thursday! The very Thursday of the Grey's season premiere, which is saying something, because I have used lamer excuses to miss a workout.

But after celebrating a financial victory with ice cream and having delicious, husband-made, spaghetti for dinner I didn't really have a choice.... really.

So I did my Week 4, Workout 3. Which means I am all up to date for this week. I am still short a few workouts over the past 3 weeks, but this week is ON TRACK. Which is great, because starting next week I will need to workout everyday... doubling up in weeks 5 thru 13, its too hard.

Ok. It's Friday. I am going to try and workout tonight, but we usually do things and that prevents a workout.

Although I had Pulled-Pork Poutine for breakfast and pizza for lunch... SO... I better get my butt in gear.



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