Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Water. H2O

In a sleepy daze I thought about writing this post. I remember thinking that H20 is good for you, but what would I be called if I were a molecule? I came up with a few weird ideas (the funniest is sitting on the highest cliff of my memory, out of reach. I know it’s there and its good, but I can’t quite get to it). And then I remember trying to figure out how to format H20 so that the number ‘2’ would be little. I was hoping Microsoft word would just fix it (as it does most of my mistakes), but no such luck.
How did I get on this string of random water talk? I took the most refreshing drink of cold water at about 3:30 this morning and I thought about all the people that think water isn’t desirable, then I felt bad for water, because water is pretty great, but might have low self-esteem, because people are always dressing it up or complaining about. It’s keeping you ALIVE, people! (See Microsoft realized I wasn’t talking to my friend Alice (originally typed “It’s keeping you ALICE”) and fixed it… but what about the little 2?)
So this most refreshing sip of water. It was 3:30 this morning and I was jarred awake by a lonely little boy who wanted his bottle and a cuddle. I happily obliged and marched into his room, stole a cuddle and dozed off on the chair while he ate. When he was done I wandered back to my bed, but I was too hot and my mouth had that ‘I’m-really-thirsty’ taste to it. Luckily I had a bottle of water on the nightstand and I started to slowly sip, but as it cooled my insides and quenched my thirst I started to chug it, needing more and MORE.

It just felt good.

Water is good.

How does all this late night rambling fitness-esque? Because water is the first step to health. It is always my first advice offering to newbies, just trying to get handle on your water intake will change your life. Dramatic? Yes.

If you cut out all other liquids (even milk and especially juice) and increase your water intake you’ll lose a couple pounds, sleep better and your skin will improve. It’s that easy. No one ever believes me.
I drink 5 bottles a day (1ltre) and more if I workout… I know when I am dehydrated, which happens quickly. I feel bloated (my rings don’t fit) and headachy, tired and cranky.

Richard always laughs, because I never leave my house without my bottle of water, but who’s laughing when he wants a sip – this girl! I laugh and then I share, because I am not a total jerk.

“Drink your water.” – Winston Chruchill

Signing out – M2O

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