Monday, August 22, 2011


Its RE-TOX day and I forgot my perfectly packed lunch on the counter. ARGH! It makes me SO angry... I love Richard, but when he is there in the morning it is so distracting.

I packed the perfect detox lunch... full of yummies to start it off right and BAM! It's sitting on the kitchen counter.

So do I start today? I am sure I could find something at the cafe that qualifies... or do I do my best today, but start tomorrow? I am not hungry yet... but I am nervous about the decisions I will make.

I am stumbling in the diet arena lately... I just can't seem to control myself... I had to admit last week to Richard I was napping to avoid eating. I can't be trusted in a loaded kitchen. Its dumb and weak, but I just need help... so I re-started the detox. I can do it, it works and I feel better... than I forget my lunch! Argh!

Let's hope the day gets better.

PS - Weekend was AWESOME! A relaxing Friday with Richard, an action packed Saturday with the ladies (Congrats Cassy!) and a recovering Sunday.

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