Tuesday, August 9, 2011



Yup, little ol' me.

I won member of the month down at the fitness centre. Yay!

I got the mail late last night... it's so incredibly awesome to be noticed. I never would have guessed it. I am shy at the gym and keep to myself, but love the classes and the instructors. I didn't realize they even knew my name.

I am completely blushing and so excited to have won something based on my fitness... me, big old fat Melanie won a fitness award. Woot!

Ok... I take back that 'fat' comment... we try not to use that word, but as a former fatty its ok in this case.

Below is the write up I sent over and the pictures I included.


I landed my dream desk job, got diagnosed with hypothyroidism and gained 50 pounds. I hated it, talked about it, complained about it, whined about it, tried to hide and finally dealt with it when a competitive co-worker started running. If she could do it; I could do it. We trained together and competitively we ran 5k. 10k. then the great Canadian winter struck and we were forced in doors. Treadmills aren’t my thing and this same competitive co-worker decided to tackle her first spin class. By the end we were both; panting, sweating and smiling. That was 18 months and 52 pounds ago. Since then I took on every class offered and enjoyed the challenge of Cardio Step, Muscle Up and Boot Camp. Outside of the gym I keep up with my running, kick-box and enjoy hot yoga. I have 15 pounds to go and a wedding dress to fit in to.

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