Friday, August 26, 2011

Let's talk numbers...

Yes. Lets.

So I have been working my ass of (Literally) for almost 2 years (it all began Feb 2010)... let's see where this hard work has brought me. Aside from my wardrobe, which has grown substantially, because I can finally fit in to my old clothes... as well as find comfort in my fat clothes... lol

Started Jan 2010
Starting weight - 247lbs (ew.)
Hips - 47inches
Waist - 42inches
Chest - 43.5inches
Leg (upper thigh) - 26.5
Arm (upper bicep) - 15.5

End of Year One (Jan 2011)
Middle weight - 219.4 ('middle weight' made me giggle... its a UFC reference)
Hips - 41inches
Waist - 36inches
Chest - 39.5inches
Leg - 23inches
Arm - 14.5inches

*new* Body Fat % - 45.5

This Morning (Aug 2011)
Weight - 202lbs (please remember I am bloated and crampy)
Hips - 39inches
Waist - 34inches
Chest - 37inches
Leg - 21.5inches
Arm - 13inches

Body Fat % - 35.2

Putting it like that makes me proud of my accomplishments... I wish it was a faster process and I wish I hadn't fell off the wagon a few times, because the getting-back-on energy could have been better used else where, but all in all I am glad I started this adventure and I can't wait to see where I am next June (the month before the wedding). Let's be honest... I am going to take a little break after the wedding and enjoy it all... PLUS I am going to attempt conception... so the number for next year might be a little skewed, but I couldn't be happier about the reason.

Pounds Lost - 45lbs
Inches Lost - 30inches
Body Fat % Lost - 10.3%
Overall percent Lost - 18.2% YES! I lost 18.2% of my body... woo!

Happy Friday everyone!

I am off to try on a few more wedding dresses and hopefully find the one.


**I wrote this entirely too early... so, I came back and edited it. Sorry!

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