Thursday, August 11, 2011

I almost missed today!

Angela was on her game today and I was NOT. What a great class! I did feel drained and awkward though. I was all good for the first 15 minutes and then my feet stopped obeying my head and I fell twice. I even ran out of energy with 10 minutes to go... like, I want to keep going BUT I HAVE NOTHING LEFT!

Aside from that I feel great today.

I took the first steps to follow Skinny Bitch. The book talks about breakfast (the most important meal of the day) and although they agree of its importance they shit all over the idea it should happen immediately. The explanation (I can relate too); is the little people within our bodies, when not digesting food, can focus on cleaning house and rebuilding. When we sleep and starve for 7 hours they get to work on all the tasks they've had to put off because of food digestion. When we wake up they are still tirelessly working away. If we dump food on them before they can finish (before we feel 'hungry') they get confused and over whelmed. They throw up there little hands and say to hell with it. In the process tucking that food away (as fat) until they can sort out what they were working on. So eat when you feel hungry and only eat fruit... one piece at a time until you feel hungry again. It gives the fruit time to digest and not ferment in your stomach.

The reason this makes sense to me... as a little kid I believed (and still do a little bit) that everything was alive. My explanation for fabrics was little men with 4 arms. One set of arms to hold the feet of the guy above and one set of hands to hold the hands of the guy next door... this is what made of fabric. The little men could be different colours... and different sizes (for different textured fabrics). When fabric ripped it was because their little arms got sore and when we repaired it, it was like adding new little men, fresh ones.

So the little man story makes completely sense to me and this morning I let the little men work.

So other than my headache... I feel good and have actually eaten less today.

Crazy! (yes, yes I am).


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