Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm tired.

And weak.

I realized this morning while I was plotting my day (based around food, of course). I justified eating crap (or preparing to eat crap) because I am tired. I had a late night and feel that allows me to skip the gym and eat crap.

Where is the logic?!?!?

And why am I only now thinking about it?

What is your excuse? Or better what excuses do you make to slack on the lifestyle?

Where was I last night? I was sitting with my hubby to be at the Blink 182 concert... being the best fiance ever I scored wicked seats to see his favorite band. Its also right around our anniversary... so it worked. On the same topic, but different focus... I make the same excuses with finances, the worse I am, the worse I am. Its like... oh well I have no money LET'S have less money! Yee-haw!

Sorry off topic.

So, I was at this concert (amazing!) that ended at 11:30 ish... plus the drive home, means I am running on less than 4 hours sleep. I had to dedicate 30minutes to washing my feet when I got home... flip flops at a concert = worst idea ever!

I drove in thinking about the Tim Hortons breakfast I would get, the Starbucks latte I would need and the lunch I would buy. All of it wouldn't fit into my caloric budget or fitness regime, but it was justified because I am tired.

I thought I should write about it... while I eat an apple and stare at my Banana.

The revelation is... wouldn't good healthy food make me feel better when I am rundown than greasy crap!?!?

So I made a lunch... packed carrots, apples, oranges and bananas. I even brought my gym clothes to tackle a step class (ha!).

Wish me luck!


PS - I am posting this unedited, only becuase it furthers my point of exhaustion.
Us at the concert! Weeeee!

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