Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Ball Course: 30minutes
Running: 15minutes
Calories: 574

I made it to the gym today... I slept for 16 hours yesterday and I am sure I am catching some sort of cold, but I made it to the gym. I am clearly looking for bonus points... I wish I didn't CRAVE the bonus points, love me!!

I attend Angela's (AKA the beasts) 'ball' class... it is as it sounds... a class of balls, big PINK balls.

It's a better work out than I expected and I only wish I could remember the detailed exercise to do it at home... its a lot of bouncing around and stuff.

I felt my muscles quivering and shake. It felt good, but I have a headache now... silly over exertion!

I also started a NEW pill regime today... ya-ya pills are bad, but hear me out first. I take CLA twice a day and always have, it helps with muscle development and fat loss. I also take a multi-vitamin, but am starting a new one today from GNC... its called Women's Ultra Mega Active, great name eh?! Any who... nothing amazing to report thus far, but my pee is a BRIGHT yellow.

I also got a NEW tea... I typically drink Green Tea every morning, but I got a gift card for Chapters and they had a HUGE tea selection so I thought I would try something new AND its called GET LOST as in lose weight... obviously I had to try it.

**Both links take you to reviews, which are more helpful than the purchasing site ;)

It smells YUMMY and tastes awful... I haven't noticed a change, but I am only one day two so we'll see.

Ok... I have to get back to work.

It feels good to be back!

Pounds to lose: 18

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