Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Coconut? Or Bowling Ball?

I have heard this before... the magic of the coconut, but I don't know what to believe. I first heard about the true powers of coconut as an energy drink, perfect post work out. I also learned it has the genetic build up to do blood transfusions IF blood is not available. It happen in the war... or something (not that I am shooluffing off the incredible-ness of that feat, I just don't need it :)

I thought about drinking coconut water after a good sweat, but couldn't get past the texture and didn't find enough articles to back it up PLUS it is hard to find and I am ALWAYS on a budget.

Now the sneaky little coconut has popped up again... this time as a 'cure' for hypothyroidism... the BAIN of my existence. This theory says that the natural build up of coconut oil can aid in treating hypothyroidism and help you loose weight by simply working it into your diet. Sounds good right? Is it true? Am I getting sucked in my another fad? I am such a sucker for a good weight loss scam.

I just want to be skinny so badly and nothing works... not even the traditional diet and exercise. Hmmm...

Now before everyone gets excited... I am not going to shell out the money for MORE pills, but I am going to a naturopath. I am going to ask them hundreds of questions... I want to be healthy, but I don't know how to get there.

Check out the article...


What do you think? Am I getting scammed again???

Off to spin...

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