Monday, January 24, 2011

It's Monday!!

Eliptical: 15 minutes
Running: 25 minutes
Abs: 10minutes
Calories: 677

Yes, I did a lot today, but that was only because the resolutionists were bunging up the machines.

I had a terrible weekend. It was stressful and I passed the time by baking. I made the biggest, baddest, chocolatest cookies EVER!! They were amazing... in fact, they still are amazing, but I am not allowed to consume them until the weekend. I am VERY strict during the week... I let it ALL hang out on the weekend.

That's a little dramatic... on the weekends I don't drink nearly enough water, I don't work-out and I don't track calories. I am still cautious of what I eat and when. I still attempt to drink water. I get caught up on my sleep and prepare for my week of discipline.

It works for me.

And the cookies were amazing... silly boys for getting me all worked up.

I am always up on Monday's, but I will be back down on Tuesday.

I have made a NEW pack... I will NOT dress shop (wedding dress) until I lose the full 25 pounds. I have about 18 to go. I think that is fair, besides I work better with deadlines and what better deadline than walking down the aisle with hundreds (yes, hundreds) of people watching you. I don't want to be a fat bride, that can't have the dress of her dreams because it doesn't fit.

That's it... no funny pictures today... WAIT... my gift to you... here is Richard playing Call of Duty with his friends... hehe!
He really is this cute... :)

Pounds to Lose: 17

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