Monday, January 17, 2011

I love crackers!

Running: 35minutes (15 run + 20 run/sprint/walk)
Calories: 534

I love crackers; like I am IN love with crackers and would marry them, if they'd have me. I could dine on crackers 24 hours a day and never tire of their buttery goodness.

Alas I am not allowed to do so. The diet and impending wedding do not allow a diet strictly built on crackers. I wish some magical creature would develop the 'cracker diet'.

I did indulge this weekend... I wanted to avoid chips, candy and pop. I did so by snacking on trail mix, bananas and crackers. It went alright... I was hungry a lot, but otherwise good.

I even cleansed this weekend and by 'cleanse' I mean drinking a little (a lot) too much and ending up evacuation my stomach... several times. The magic of alcohol... it not only blurs your judgement and makes drinking oil seem like an EASY bet, but it cleans out your system... I spent the next 24 hours running to the lieu to get all the 'gross' out of me. All the while I vowed to NEVER drink (beer) again.

I am NOT promoting drinking... I had one heck of a headache the next day, but it did keep me from gaining everything over the cottage weekend, which is a miracle in and of itself.

Ok... I rambled, sorry.

I ran today. It felt... it felt like running. I did it and I am glad its over.


Pounds to lose: 20

PS... Don't you WISH there were pictures for this post?!?!

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