Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dream sabotage?!?!

On the Ball: 30minutes
Calories: 320

Last night in my sweet escape of sleep I sabotaged myself. I woke up confused and upset... until I realized it was a dream.

In my dream I was working (and sleeping which is VERY odd) at a bakery. Every night I would open ALL the windows to get a cross breeze which was always too strong. So strong it would knock all my plants off their shelves sometimes knocking them into the neighbours yard (and I am still trying to get them back).

So in the chaos of my sleeping pattern I started to bake 'Santa's Whiskers' (my new favorite cookie). Then I preceded to eat the entire BATCH! AH!

In my dream I just enjoyed the sweet taste, but I woke up afraid to get on the scale... angry about throwing away all my hard work.

On that note I was VERY good yesterday.... no extra snacking (healthy or otherwise). Go me!

Ok... I am always running late.


Pounds to Lose: 16

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