Friday, January 28, 2011

Thursday = sick day

Step Class: 30minutes
Calories: 546

The day started ok... then around 10:30 it all fell apart. I couldn't stand up, but I couldn't sit down. I was crampy, bloated and sweating. I couldn't focus, because of the intense pain radiating through me.
I took something for it... there was NO way I was missing Angela's step class... all week I look forward to this.

I also know that exercise releases endorphins that make pain go away... this is a scam. I went to the class... I survived for 10 minutes and then all the energy was sucked from my body and I was in the MOST pain ever. I powered through... "I can do this" repeated in my head, until it became too much and I gave in to the pain.

I, with my head hung low, left the class early... I went back to my desk and sat in pain, moaning about discomfort. I took something for it, but I had already jumped over the cliff and was falling in to a deep pit of discomfort.

I asked to go home... I went home.

I took something for it and fell asleep until morning.

I am back today and just thinking about heading to the gym... Hmm...

I have the bridal show tonight, which means lots of extra walking, but they also have chocolate dipped peanut ice cream cones and just thinking about it... I want it!

Hmm... off to the gym.


Pounds to lose: 15

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