Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday... reporting for Thursday!

Step Class: 45minutes
Calories: 670

I missed writing yesterday... so you get TWO posts for the price of one.

Yesterday I attended Angela's Step Class... they call the beast and while I am keeled over in PAIN she doesn't even break a sweat. She just floats over the step and back. It amazes me. I love her class, but with all the months I have been attending one would think it would get easier... it doesn't. I nearly DIED yesterday.

Good News is I weighed in this morning at my lightest of 20-11. I have so far dropped 6 pounds!! Woo!

I was thinking of a funny thing on Wednesday (and I forgot to post, sorry)... my ankles are the fittest part of my body. My feet are second. This I realized during 'On the Ball' with Angela. In order to work the inner thigh, you lay on your side and rest your top foot on the ball in front of you...

You lift the lower leg and it flexes the inner thigh muscle (great workout if you have the ball(s)... its a funny - ha!).

The funny thing is facing the mirror your lower leg looks detached, because your middle is blocked by the BIG pink ball. I have fascinated watching this severed leg lift and lower... I liked how athletic and strong it looked. I often forgot it was my leg... the rest of me in a HOT mess during my work-outs.

I am NOT there to win any beauty pageant and I disgusting... sweaty and bugling in my tight pants, but my ankle and foot look great!

Weird?? Yea.

Had to share!


Pounds to Lose: 14

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