Tuesday, September 6, 2011


That's how I feel today (and most of yesterday)... my stomach is all weird. Yes, it is full of FAT from a lazy weekend... I feel like this...

... but even more so it was weird, because it wouldn't digest. I felt full and bloated for 3 days! I did gain almost 4 pounds over the weekend and a side from the chocolate M&Ms I don't know why. I had a migraine most of yesterday and I am hoping today goes smoother although I already feel nauseous. Don't jump to the 'OMG-SHES-PREGO' conclusion so quickly... I started new vitamins, that may (or may not) be screwing with my system, while it adjusts to the new found nutrients... we'll see.

So it's Tuesday and I am heading to spin class at noon, I hope I can shake off this bloated gross feeling soon... It is NOT motivating me to do anything aside from sleep and eat M&Ms.

How was your long weekend??


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