Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DAY Two!

I survived day one!

Quick RECAP: I forgot my shake stuff for my afternoon shake, so I had it as soon as I got home (around 5:30). I am getting used to the slimy-grainy grossness. I did make it to the gym, but did a simple 45 minutes on the elliptical with my book (burned 600 calories). My daily calories were 1109... I had to force myself to eat the strawberries allotted for my evening snack. I didn't consume all of my 'oils', which I doubt I ever will. Dinner was good... nothing strange, but I learned one chicken breast is THREE portions! I did cheat while watching Hell's Kitchen Finale (stupid, Elise) with a freezie, but figured that wasn't the worst thing and it was good. PLUS I split it with Richard... so I don't feel guilty.

Day Two... I am realizing this 'MFE' is not about cutting calories or adding supplements. I think my doctor puts me on these programs (detox and this) to teach me in the karate kid way... less of a direct lesson. This program is teaching me about portion control. It's less restrictive than the detox, which taught me about 'bad' foods... including dairy and wheat (or excluding... hmm??) I am prepared to take this lesson and enjoy it. I stepped on the scale this morning down 4 pounds... how is that possible? I don't know, but after several attempts it still read the same.

I packed the same lunch as yesterday, despite the boys complaints (apparently my co-workers don't like the smell of oil & vinegar). I also have the same dinner planned for tonight... but that's only because of the MASSIVE chicken breast I made last night that needs to be consumed.

I will be heading to Spin Class at noon today and I hope it goes well. I am feeling a little drained and a little dizzy after my handful of vitamins this morning.

Wish me luck.


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