Friday, September 16, 2011

Meeting with Nicole

Last night I met with Nicole. I knew she was going to challenge me again. I knew I wasn't going to walk out of the office empty handed, and much like my first meeting, I considered cancelling.

She was right the first we met and helped me lose 20 pounds and keep it off. I changed my eating lifestyle based on things I learned from her. I trust her.

As for this new 'diet'... I don't trust it. I never wanted to be on a diet. Teach me to eat well and teach me about food and I will use that knowledge to help myself. Nicole did attempt to 're-detox' me, but I refused. I said living with Richard (who is incredibly supportive) and cooking only for the 2 of us, I wasn't prepared to make 2 dinners every night to accommodate a strict detox. I told her I knew I would slip. She had another option... I less restrictive diet. Honestly though, I am struggling with the entire concept, because it is a diet. My calories are cut to 1300 a day and I can't eat anything processed. This is not something I can easily maintain for the rest of my life. I feel like it is unrealistic, but I trust her and I Monday I will start this new regime. This time she did not give me a timeline. She left it open depending on how I feel. She might believe I will keep this life, but veggies aren't my thing and I will never be satisfied on a Vegetarian diet. I also question the success of the product I am using, mainly because this program is 5 workouts a week, eating 1300 calories a day... without any supervision or supplements I will lose weight like that. I also feel like I am capable of losing weight like that, but that it is not healthy... I need more calories especially with a high-impact workout schedule and lots of cardio (My preferred workout method).

I also understand that what I am doing right now isn't working so I have to change, but I'm just not thrilled about another diet. And expensive, time consuming diet... I am already feeling overwhelmed with life and planning a wedding.

Nicole doesn't let me make excuses, which is good... but knowing what I am capable of and realizing it is also personal growth.

So... in this long winded pity party, I have agreed to 2 weeks of this 'diet', but I don't know how much I believe in the product.

**I have not mentioned the product, because I don't want to be associated with something until I better understand it, and like it.

Wish me luck (and Richard too as I start to give up sugar).


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