Friday, September 23, 2011

Day Five!

I made it to Day Five.

RECAP DAY FOUR: I shifted my diet, but still hit all my targets... sort of. I missed my afternoon snack, because I was busy. So I had no nuts (hehe). I did a wicked Step Class with Assata. She is a ball of energy and hilarious in class. I was sweating more than I ever had in my life and think my headache in the evening was from over exertion. I drank a lot of water, but not enough. I woke up feeling dehydrated.

Whewf!! The only thing I have really noticed is sleep. I have trouble sleeping, which is confusing. I am eating better and in better shape. I think I might have more energy than my body knows what to do with... I hope it sorts itself out, because I am tired.

I made it through 5 days of dieting and as a result I am down 5 pounds. Weeee! And smaller than ever before (although not lighter *sigh*). I think I am going to stick to this for a little longer... see where I can get.

I am nervous about this weekend... its the annual family BBQ (and friends... you should come!) I know it will be hard to stick to it and remember my portions, but I am going to do my best. I am also 5 days with dairy and I hate how good I feel. I will miss Ice Cream and Cheese, but I feel good.

Another downside to dropping weight... my pants don't fit. They are falling off of me. Not that I am complaining.

I am going to attempt the kick-boxing class today at lunch.

Wish me luck!


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