Thursday, September 15, 2011


I just need a minute... please Assata, give me a minute.

She was amazing!

Assata and I were introduced this afternoon, I am thrilled to meet her... but she is INSANE! So I was sad about Angela's departure... fearing I would never step again, but today I sampled the new girl and let me tell you, there is nothing 'new' about her. This girl knows her step class and appears to have a dance background.

She was ALL over the place with springs in her shoes. She was so amazing, funny, considerate and motivating. I think I am in love and I am currently scanning the schedule to see when I can next take her punishment.

I have an appointment with Nicole tonight (my Naturopath). I haven't seen her since the spring and as much as I am excited to get back on track, I am nervous to admit to her I slipped without supervision. Granted I didn't gain, so that is a little win, but I definetly did NOT lose. I had a great summer and I have NO regrets.

Wish me luck tonight!  And tomorrow as I take on Kick-Boxing with Christine.


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