Monday, September 26, 2011

Day Eight (?)

It should be day eight... I should be celebrating success, but honestly it's like starting all over again. The weekends are hard, but manageable. Hopefully next weekend, with less going on, will be easier.

I have to venture in to the world of health food stores tonight to get more of my shakes, which should be finished up in 2 days. I am not ready for this effort to be over, so I will continue. It worked the first time (the first week) it will work again.

I made it down to the gym this afternoon and hit up the elliptical. I am still sore from last week, but I managed a 50minute work-out and a 700 calorie burn - Woo!

Hopefully I can go home tonight and eat some good food and fall quickly asleep. I am exhausted after VERY vivid dreams last night.


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