Friday, September 23, 2011

Still Day Five

And the hardest day yet.

First - I have a 'barely-lunch' which means I barely made a lunch, because night-time-Melanie is lazy and doesn't think about day-time-Melanie and her hunger.

Second - I am crampy.

Third - I did the Kickboxing class with Christine today. I thought it would be a nice way to ease off the week, but with no equipment I didn't think it would be a sweaty work-out. I was wrong. I am aching all over... I sweat more in that class than any step class... I could have done a step class in a hot yoga studio and STILL not sweat that much. In fact, we were so worked up the mirrors steamed up.

Fourth - I have to go to the in-laws tonight for a slumber party.

Fifth - I hate slumber parties.

AND all I want is a chocolate bar.

Wish me luck this weekend... and send me your strong vibes, it ain't going to be easy.



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