Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day Three

Ok, I don't like this. All I want is a sandwich.

DAY TWO RECAP: I stuck to the diet... consumed just over 1100 calories without cheating, although I did increase my chicken by an ounce. I hit the gym for a spin class, despite feeling drained and it felt good to work up a sweat. I did suffer a terrible migraine most of the afternoon into the evening. I think it had a lot to do with my workout. I felt better after dinner and a nap.

As above, I don't like this. I want a burger, I want ice cream and I want a sandwich. The hardest part is wrapping my head around the lifetime change. This isn't a 3-week detox that I can see an end too... this is a change and I need to stick to, but I wonder every minute 'Will I ever get to taste the sweet nectar of an oven roasted turkey sandwich with sharp cheddar and mayo on an onion bun??"

Its for a cause and its working... despite a gain over night. I am up a pound, but still down 3 from the weekend so I can't complain and its natural to have daily flucuations.

I am heading to the gym today at lunch, but I'm not sure what I will be doing... typically Wednesday is weights, but I don't have the drive for weights... I might hit up the elliptical for some cardio, but that feels like slacking.

Oh well... I am off today. I am feeling down about the wedding planning and my lack of support.


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