Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So much to say!

I am feeling a lot better today. In fact, I can't find words to say how much better I am doing... I am looking forward to the gym and even had a pleasant conversation with the scale this morning.

 First... I took a few 'after' pictures over the weekend...

I think they turned our alright... and it helped that it was in the same mirror as my Sept 2010 'After' picture (see below). This is me after week one, before the great cheese invasion Saturday night *Blargh*.

I thought it might be time for a real after, not just one showing my bum ;)

I am back on this diet/shake thing, but off the expensive brand new shakes... I found the same ingredients, calories, protein and sugar in NutriSystem Chocolate shakes for $10. That works for me... and my body seems to like it.

So I am on Day 10 and feeling ok. I feel like this could be a lifestyle for me with room to breath. I could maintain this diet for the long term, and I intend too. I was already doing to the exercise part of it and everyone wins.

I do miss bagels and pineapple, but such is life.

** I can eat pineapple, but I only get 2 fruits a day and that is typically grapes in my salad, which I have to have or I get no where near consuming my 4 daily required 'oils'. My second fruit is strawberries and this week raspberries... Mmmm...

Other big news... my wedding is just over 9 months away and I finally feeling pretty good about it. I found a new cake maker, just as good... or better than our previous cake maker. She is even closer to us and won't charge delivery - WIN! We go and see her on the 7th of October for a little cake tasting. Yay!

My dress is being made and last night we found Richard's suit as well as the vest and tie for the boys.

I am meeting with my florist this week to figure out my bouquet and with Jan figure out centre pieces.

Sorry to switch to wedding blog, but its a lot of stress and directly related to my over all health.

We have figured out all the little details and are now working on the Stag & Doe, which should be a wicked party... and you're all invited! We're still sorting out the easy details, but I will keep you posted.

And exciting news, which is what pulled me our of my funk... not the present, but the thought that Richard knew what I needed... something just for me, something special and something with love and attention poured into it.

Last night Richard took me to dinner and once we were seated he disappeared to the bathroom. He returned with a Birks bag (Eeeee!) if we weren't engaged, I would have expected a ring. Inside was my very own special edition Danica Patrick Tissot.

Now before you go ga-ga... because it is stunning. The back story is we have been looking for this watch for 2 years (its the 2009 SE)... actively looking, calling the states, Europe and the Caribbean. Searching tirelessly online and finally accepting I was never going to find it. This watch just wasn't for sale. I had resigned to the fact I wasn't going to own a Tissot, because if I couldn't get the one I loved, I didn't want to spend the money on second choice.

Then last night, while browsing the Eaton Centre with Mom, Richard found it. In the 'bargain bin' at Birks... it was covered in discount stickers and reduced even further, but none of that mattered. He had found my watch and was buying it regardless.

This is my wedding gift from Richard... suppose to be delivered the morning of our wedding, but he simply couldn't wait and presented it to me last night at dinner. I still can't believe he found it.

Although it doesn't take presents to cheer me up... its the thought that he worked so hard to find it and was so excited to give it to me that picked me up and brushed me off. My big thank-you to him was a big help too *wink wink*.

All and all today I am good... I am feeling positive about my weight-loss, my wedding and my life. Let's up its a continuing trend.


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